MAKE IT HAPPEN : episode 1

Technology and Nation can only benefits from a better understanding of human context, human and human emotions. As technology gets smarter and starts contributing in the education, economy and various development sector of the country, the country will prosper the more. The revolution of information technology is creating huge transformation in the human lives. As IT evolves, it has been transforming the lives of the people. In this new era of technology, access to information and hence knowledge have become critical in defining the might of a country. Today nation with good utilizations of information technology and quality human resource are prospering to new heights.

In this context, it seems crucial that the untapped field for the development of information technology be shown to young generation and encourage to pursue the entrepreneurial journey in IT industry. We would like to bridge this gap by showing examples of personalities who have begun their journey in the IT industry and how they have been transforming the economy of the nation enhancing the lives of the people in general through this initiative.

Nikita Acharya: Co-Founder of URBAN GIRL

Binisha Shrestha: Co- founder of WOMEN LEAD

Rojina Bajracharya: Co-founder of Girls in Technology

Teach for Nepal | Amita Sharma

Diary of:

Teach for Nepal | Mahesh Silwal


Teach for Nepal | Sadhana Shrestha


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